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Plastic Card Technology

As the plastic card industry evolves and changes, new computer technology accompanies it. Embedded technology is at the heart of the plastic card revolution, providing companies with new, exciting and innovative ways to brand and communicate who they are.

Companies who take a leadership position within the plastic card industry are committed to providing objective, up to date information about how new developments in plastic card technology can benefit businesses. This is a proactive commitment to customer service that will enable leading plastic card manufacturers to stand out from the crowd.

Work order systems used by plastic card manufacturers are also becoming increasingly sophisticated. The client’s job specs and specific technology requirements must be retrieved quickly and communicated with extreme accuracy for on-time job performance with high standards of quality control.

As plastic card requirements become more detailed and sophisticated, manufacturers are finding that personnel must be highly trained, while the manufacturing process utilizes precision equipment that is fast and accurate.

There are many different types of plastic cards, offering a variety of features. While plastic cards can be customized to work for unlimited possibilities, there are several main categories.

* Business Cards
* Gift Cards
* Loyalty & Membership Cards
* Discount & Fundraising Cards
* Hotel Key Access Cards
* ID Badges
* Ministry & Prayer Cards

Plastic cards can also be customized and cut in a variety of sizes. The size and shape a consumer chooses is in fact limitless, but there are certain sizes that are considered standard such as business card size in the United States (3.5 x 2 in) and credit card size (3.370 x 2.125 in). There are international standards for plastic card sizes which are specified by formats ID-1, ID-2, and ID-3.

The durability of plastic cards is an important reason consumers prefer them over paper. This durability is directly related to the thickness of the plastic used to make the card. Plastic card thickness usually ranges from 10mil to 30mil. While it is possible to have plastic products made with thinner than 10mil and thicker than 30mil, most plastic card printing companies offer plastic cards with thickness ranging between 10mil and 30mil.