Plastic Business Card


Plastic Business CardPlastic business cards are a convenient way to share information about your company. When your business card is well designed and manufactured, potential clients are assured of your company’s quality. This is the case when your cards are printed through manufacturers like The Plastic Card Factory. We use only state of the art equipment, allowing for intricate detail and a wide variety of colors. You may also maximize the impact of your card’s design through our customization options in texture, opacity, and even the shape of your card. View our Clear, Frosted, or Special Order galleries for examples.

Another benefit of plastic business cards is of course, the transportable nature of the card. Not only are they easy to distribute, but your client will have greater access to your company’s information for a first impression or those last minute needs. And because our cards are weather-proof and durable, your card is more likely to be kept for a longer amount of time. Clients will likely notice with gratitude that you wish to establish this type of long-lasting relationship with them.