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Marketing with Plastic Business Cards

Business cards have been used as a common form of advertising and as a means of exchanging contact information between business people and the public. More recently, with the introduction and increased popularity of plastic business cards, businesses have discovered a newer, durable and longer lasting way to make a memorable impression.

“We have seen a significant increase in the use of plastic business cards,” says John DiDonato, President of The Plastic Card Factory in Lake Worth, Florida. “The once-common business card has now evolved into a visually striking and powerful marketing medium.”

DiDonato points out that plastic business cards provide a permanence and durability that effectively brand a company’s identity and message in new and exciting ways.

“The use of color, combined with a variety of clear and tinted formats, allows for a very creative approach to this type of messaging,” DiDonato says.

DiDonato says that a business card that looks and feels like a credit card is perceived as having a high value, increasing the chances that the card will be kept by the customer. It is also more unlikely that the card will be discarded.

“Value-based offers via plastic cards are especially powerful with this type of marketing,” DiDonato says. “If you receive a professionally designed plastic card by hand or by mail, and the card includes a discount of offer, chances are you will keep it for future use. That is the real power of plastic value cards.”

The Plastic Card Factory manufactures a wide variety of plastic cards, including id cards, gift cards, membership cards, hotel key cards, ministry cards, mouse pads and related products. More information is available on their website,, or by calling 1-866-539-7231.