Plastic Business Card


Plastic Loyalty CardsLoyalty Cards, or customer reward cards, are growing increasingly popular due to the incentives they offer their customers. They represent your company’s value of them as a customer, while motivating the customer to return again and again for increasing discounts, bonuses, or privileges.

Ordering from The Plastic Card Factory ensures that your card’s life will be long-lasting, since our cards are made of the best materials for weather-proof durability. In addition, our equipment allows for a variety of colors and highly detailed images- your card’s logo will never contradict your logo in any other professionally printed materials.

Punch cards are a positive solution for companies that would like to keep tally of their customers’ shopping trips and rewards accordingly. Please click here for more information on punch cards. Your loyalty card can also be ordered in combination with the convenient key fob, a smaller version of your gift card that can be easily attached to a key chain or wallet.