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Embedded Technology and Plastic Cards

It is no accident that major retailers, including membership club or warehouse stores, are using plastic cards resembling credit or debit cards. Retailers find that the use of private membership plastic cards attracts and retains customers.

Special offers and sales are often made available to the holders of these plastic cards, instilling the idea of exclusivity and that having the plastic cards is valuable. The strategy is sound and the cards are very productive in many ways.

Tracking software is also being used increasingly by retailers to accumulate data about the shopping habits of customers. This type of information is important to determine future merchandising strategies and to determine purchasing directions.

When the plastic card is scanned during checkout, data about the items purchased is entered into a file. The information provides a detailed profile of the types of purchases made by individual customers. This information is used to create advertising that is most likely to be well received.

Plastic card printing is increasingly perceived as well worth the investment. It also stimulates a belief of exclusivity on the part of the customer, or it may be in the data tracking possibilities. Plastic cards not only encourage membership, but they also allow access to special discounts.

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